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I. Welcome/Rules

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Aug. 4th, 2006 | 12:46 pm
posted by: rheavon in saleblog

Before you buy:

There are a few rules and regulations which must be followed for a sale to go through.

1) Paypal only to Smoon29733 AT aol.com .
2) Shipping is included in list price of direct sales. Auctions will have the shipping price listed within the details of the goods being sold.
3) Sorry, I only ship within the United States via the Postal Service unless otherwise noted.
4) Most designs created by rheavon unless otherwise noted.
5) I am interested in trades.
6) When payment is recieved, you will recieve an order number. The status of your order will be in the order status section by order number, that way, you can check on your order.


I. Welcome/Rules
II. Feedback
III. Tops
IV. Bottoms
V. Dresses
VI. Accessories
VII. Sales!
VIII. Order Status Updates

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